Seeing the Gaps: Journey Mapping for Better Health Outcomes

Speakers: Jim Williams

Let's say you work in health care. Now let's say you're tasked with rethinking how your organization -- a major health care payer -- handles population health outcomes when it comes to musculoskeletal disorders. One option: Make a list of all the special programs and resources available to a patient with musculoskeletal pain. Your list may look long. But what about plan members who haven't developed disorders yet? And what about patients between programs, or those with conditions not addressed by existing resources? In short: How do you identify the gaps

This webinar offers a quick introduction to a key tool for gap analysis: customer journey mapping. A journey map is a tool that puts those of us who work in health care into the customer's, member's, or patient's shoes -- and then keeps us there throughout the story of an experience and associated resource touchpoints. By telling the story of an individual's journey (say, from health through risk through diagnosis back through health), a journey map allows us to assess the current state of our offerings and the gaps in those offerings -- and then lets us begin to imagine a future state designed to improve population health outcomes in a systematic way.